Smeriglio Associates LLC provides the support, objectivity and expertise individuals & businesses need to succeed within the context of an ever-changing financial landscape. We offer a broad spectrum of accounting, financial and consulting services across a number of industries to give business owners, managers and taxpayers the insight they need to prosper.

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Payroll Processing
Sales & Use Tax
Personal Property Declarations
Financial Statements
Audits, Reviews, & Compilations
Individual & Business Tax Preparation
Tax Audit Representation & Correspondence (IRS & State)
Pension, Trust & Estate Tax Returns

Maintenance Agreements

Once we help define your overall strategy, we will design a maintenance agreement specific to your needs. We will identify a clear and concise scope of our relationship (i.e. what we are responsible for and what you are responsible for). Lastly, we will determine a monthly or quarterly fixed fee for our services provided.
An example of a Maintenance Package includes:
  • Bookkeeping on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Payroll Return Processing monthly or quarterly basis
  • Sales & Use Tax Return Filing on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Financial Statements on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Individual & Business Tax Planning throughout the year
  • Individual & Business Tax Preparation at year-end
  • Unlimited phone calls and support